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When the Weather Outside Is Frightful, Homemade Bread is So Delightful

Icy cottoneaster 

The weather around these parts has been pretty nasty the past couple of weeks! Snow, ice, and wind have made for some pretty tough traveling conditions at times, especially the ice.

Ice-covered branches in winter 

At one point we were without power for 2 days. Thank goodness we have a generator for back up on these occasions!

Ice-covered white pine 

Ice-covered brush 

So what to do when the outdoors isn’t fit for man or beast?!

Icy drive. 

Why, you bake of course! I decided it was the perfect time to try some new recipes, and experiment with others. I opened my trusty copy of “GRIT’s Guide to Homemade Bread” to find which recipes would be the lucky candidates to try! The first I chose was the Cheesy Herb Bread found on page 44. This is not a yeast dough, is very easy to make, and soooo worth it. I actually made 2 batches. The first I made in a normal loaf pan.

Cheesy herb bread 

The next batch I baked in a pie pan. When it was finished I made deep dish pizza out of it. The cheese and herbs in this bread make it really good. Simply add some pizza sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings your family happens to like, then put it back in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese. A very easy meal your family will thank you for!

Cheesy herb bread as deep dish pizza 

The second recipe I chose to make, I’ve made before so I decided to play with it some and changed it a bit. I used the Rustic Wheat Bread with Savory Herbs and Onions recipe found on page 41. I followed the recipe with everything it calls for except I didn’t add the herbs or the onions, and I didn’t use the cornmeal to coat it with. Instead, I replaced the herbs with cinnamon and ginger. I also had to add a little extra water when mixing the dough because it was very dry for some reason, but the end result was wonderful.

Cinnamon and ginger bread 

I baked it as called for. When I removed the loaves from the oven, I buttered and sugared the crusts. I can’t tell you how good this smelled while baking! Absolutely heavenly! I got 3 nice sized loaves from this recipe, enough to share with family! I also made French toast with this bread and topped with real maple syrup and walnuts! Delicious! Don’t be afraid to change up your recipes. Try some different spices and seasonings! Who knows, you might just come up with a winner that is requested over and over again!

Now that you have freshly baked, homemade bread, why not sit back and enjoy a few slices while relaxing and watching the birds!

Cardinal on icy branches 

An icy Carolina wren 

A chickadee makes an icy landing 

Gold finch on an icy limb 

Golden crowned kinglet on ice 

Icy bird feeders 

Male downy woodpecker 

Tufted titmouse with berries 

Junco with berries