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Today’s featured vegetable: Romanesque


Recently my CSA box included romanesque. Doesn’t the name sound regal? I’ve never seen romanesque in the grocery store.  Have you?

Romanesque tastes somewhere between broccoli and cauliflower…but so much better! Plus, it’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and flavor.

Something so beautiful must taste delicious. Right? So right. Maybe that’s the real reason that my daughter loves the logarithmic spirals of flavor. Plus, the vibrantly green color is appealing.

Here’s how I prepared romanesque for my family- It’s so simple! And, so fast! Who knew that eating healthy is so very easy?

I cut the head into bit size pieces, added a bit of olive oil to my granny’s cast iron skillet, turned the heat on medium, added the romanesque and a stir-fried the veggies for just a few minutes.

Viola! That’s it! Just a bit of olive oil and chopped romanesque. Nothing else.

We savored every crisp bite. We like romanesque almost as much as cake!

Have you ever tasted romanesque?

Happy summer,