Red Corncob Syrup Recipe

This Red Corncob Syrup Recipe creates a delicious product no one will know is made from corncobs.

Red Corncob Syrup With Butter On Toast

Whether on pancakes or homemade french toast, a drizzle of homemade Red Corncob Syrup Recipe adds just the right touch to your breakfast treat.

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Our readers came through with several different types of corncob syrup recipes. Vallee Burruss, Keezletown, Virginia, sends a version for a Red Corncob Syrup Recipe.

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Red Corncob Syrup Recipe

6 red corncobs, washed
3 quarts water
3 pounds brown sugar

In large kettle or stockpot, boil corncobs in water for 1 hour; strain.

Add brown sugar and enough additional water to make 3 quarts. Boil until thick enough or to consistency of maple syrup.

Be sure to select clean cobs, free of mold. Light-colored cobs make lighter syrup, and Vallee says it has a better flavor.