Poke Recipe for Basic Preparation

Use this Poke Recipe when preparing the wild green.

Poke Recipe

To use pokeweed, or 'poke' (wild greens) in this Poke Recipe, cook the leaves properly to remove the poisonous aspects of the plant, and berries are very toxic as well.

Photo by Annie Stewart

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Poke Recipe for Basic Preparation

Yields about 1 cup cooked greens.

10 cups raw poke
8 to 10 cups young poke leaves and stems of plants, up to 8 inches tall. (DO NOT eat root or berries; both are toxic.)
1 medium pot rapidly boiling water – to cook in
1 large pot rapidly boiling water – for additional boiling water

Boil poke in medium pot of boiling water for 1 minute over high heat. Drain.

Return poke to medium pot, and add boiling water from large pot and boil for 1 additional minute.

Drain and change water again; cover with boiling water from large pot, and boil 15 minutes.

Drain, pressing poke against side of colander with wooden spoon to press out as much water as possible.

If not using in another recipe, dress with salt, pepper, butter or olive oil.