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Oops Soup for the Soul Recipe

Charlotte McMullenSoup is magical. That’s a lofty claim for any food, but for soup it’s true. Beyond filling a home with enticing aromas and hungry bellies with nourishment, this hearty comfort food creates positive emotions. Fortunately, soup is simple to make from almost anything you have on hand.

Last year, I made Oops Soup; as in “Oops, I don’t have that; I’ll have to use this in the soup instead.”

My husband was working away, and most of my kids had nasty colds. A big pot of simmering soup sounded like Heaven. The cupboards and refrigerator contained most of the ingredients for something akin to an Italian wedding soup, but some items weren’t recipe perfect. For example, instead of the little round, acini di pepe pasta, I had tiny star pasta.


Being winter with a house full of sick kids, I had no desire to travel to a store or even to be seen by my friendly neighbors. No, my creativity and the contents of my kitchen were making soup for my family – Oops Soup.

Oops Soup is more of an idea than an exact formula, so feel free to make substitutions.

This Oops Soup “recipe” may be easygoing, but do not assume it isn’t good for you. There are substantial benefits to being self-reliant; to not worrying about something being perfect; to laughing at any mistakes you may make; to learning tips to improve for the next time; and to taking care of others in need. This soup carries a spirit of generosity that feeds more than an empty belly – it nourishes your soul.

After I made Oops Soup, I learned others make this type of relaxed soup and call it Kitchen Sink Soup. Whatever you call it, it’s easy to love a no-fuss, one-dish meal that makes pleasant memories.

garlic press and small scoop

Helpful Soup Tips:

Oops Soup

Oops Soup for the Soul
Use whatever you have on hand to make this comfort food.



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