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Maple Fennel Sausage

Modern RootsThere is nothing like homemade sausage. You control the salt and ingredients, making it a healthier option for breakfast, soups, or stuffing! After tweaking this recipe to get the right sweet & salty, I believe this to be a winner. If you don't like any 'spice' to your sausage omit the red pepper flakes, but it is NOT hot spicy, just gives it a little extra.


5 pounds pork shoulder cut into 1-inch sections (you can buy pre-ground pork sausage plain, if so do step 1, then step 4 ... done)

1/3 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 tablespoons kosher salt – or sea salt

5 teaspoons fennel (lightly roast in dry saucepan)

3 teaspoons cracked pepper

1 teaspoons crushed red pepper flake

1 cup COLD water

1. Mix all ingredients in large bowl. Let sit in fridge 30 minutes. It is important to make sure the meat is very cold before processing through a meat grinder – it goes smoother and quicker.

2. Take out of fridge and send through meat grinder on small die cutter.

3. Place ground meat into mixer bow, add 1 cup cold water and mix on medium speed for 1 minute. NO LONGER.

4. Roll into links, patties, or a log and freeze immediately. Use some immediately too if you desire.

Maple Fennel Sausage

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– Meg