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Make Butter in 4 Easy Steps

Lee AnnThere is nothing quite as special as making your own butter, but figuring out how to do it can take a lot of trial and error. 

I know it did for me, with an emphasis on "error"!  

But, as a determined Homesteader, and a farm with several dairy cows, it seemed downright silly to not figure it out.

butter-cream it Finally, I have a method that is working great for me, so it's time to share!

4-Step Butter from One Ash Farm Recipes

2 quarts fresh cream

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt







butter-churn it

1) Churn It – I have found that my food processor, with the chopping blade in place, works best. I add the cream, turn it on high, and accomplish this step very quickly.

You will know your butter is churned when you can see solids, as well as a layer of buttermilk. When done, drain off the buttermilk (save it for your biscuits and pancakes!), and put the solids into a clean bowl.





butter-wash it

2) Wash It – Yes, your butter needs a bath! This is the most important step for preserving your butter. Using cool water, press and wash the butter until the water runs clear.  Drain off all the liquid completely.





butter-salt it

3) Salt It – I have found that using kosher salt makes my butter last longer. Sprinkle over the clean butter, and mix it in thoroughly.








butter-freeze it

4) Store It – You can put your fresh butter into a pretty butter dish, or send it to the freezer. If in a dish, make sure to keep it refrigerated. If freezing, wrapping it in parchment paper works well.



Need Kosher Salt? Or prefer a Butter Churn? Find them here!

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