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Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

Faithful HomesteaderMy favorite way to make a healthy and delicious chicken dish is with coconut oil. I hear so much about the benefits of coconut oil so we use it in many dishes. With the coconut oil, I just add some paprika and either Himalayan Pink salt or Orzo salt for an easy, healthy and yummy dish. Lately I started cutting up my chicken before cooking it because it seems to cook faster and I get a better idea of when it is cooked.

Easy Chicken Dish

Ingredients for Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

Chicken tenders or breasts
Coconut oil

Himalayan Pink salt or Orzo salt

1st Step for Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

Heat up about a tablespoon or so of coconut oil in a skillet on medium heat.

2nd Step for Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

I like to add a generous amount of paprika to the bottom of the skillet with the coconut oil. I never measure my spices. I always just eyeball it.

3rd Step for Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

I then add the chicken tenders or breasts to the skillet and cook on medium heat. I find that cutting up the chicken in bite size pieces before cooking works well for me.  

4th Step for Easy Healthy Chicken Recipe

Lastly I add more paprika to the chicken along with the salt. I never measure my spices, but I do have to be careful with the salt because I have over salted on more than one occasion.

In my household, we love this chicken recipe. It pairs well with steamed vegetables and quinoa or rice. Besides using coconut oil in many of our dishes, paprika is also one of our go to ingredients. When we have an overabundance of peppers, we make our own. It is fun to experiment with a different combination of peppers. I share about that here.