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Make Yourself Some Herb Bread

Homemade Herb Bread 

You know you want some, so go ahead and try it! Oh so yummy!

The Recipe:

Measure 1½ cups luke warm water.

To this add 3 Tablespoons sugar (I use Sucanat), and stir.

Now add 1 Tablespoon active dry yeast and stir again.

Let this set for a few minutes.


Meanwhile, measure into large bowl;

4 cups flour (I like to use 3 cups of unbleached flour, and 1 cup whole wheat.)

2 teaspoons salt

2 Tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon lemon juice

2 Tablespoons dry milk or buttermilk (I like the buttermilk)

1 Tablespoon dried onion

1 Tablespoon dried dill

1 Tablespoon dried oregano

  After a few minutes, the yeast in your water should have started to work and look frothy. Add it to your flour mixture and stir until it starts to form a ball of dough. Now, ditch the spoon and dig in with your hands. Start to work the dough, kneading it with your fingers and fists till it starts to have an elastic feel. Form the dough into a ball. Give the ball of dough a coating of oil. Let it in your bowl, and cover with a dampened towel. Let it set in a warm place till it doubles in size. If you don’t have a nice warm spot, you can set it in your oven with ONLY the light on. This will keep it sufficiently warm. When it has doubled in size, you want to punch it back down, and knead it some more, just a little bit. Now you’re going to shape your loaf and place it in your bread pan, baking dish, or on your baking stone. If you are using a baking dish or bread pan, grease it first. If you want to cut a design into the top, now is the time. Cover it once more, place back into the nice cozy warm spot, and let it rise again. When it has once again doubled in size, it’s ready to bake. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your oven, till it’s golden brown. Remove from oven, and brush top with butter.

Now let’s just see if you can wait till it’s cool before cutting!

  One small note, when I made this bread, I added about an extra ¼ cup of flour cause the dough seemed a little sticky. When you first knead it, if this is the case for you, just add the extra flour, but don’t add too much or your bread will be dry.

lori dunn
1/27/2012 4:27:37 PM

Hi Callie! I haven't timed it, but I would guess an hour or less for each rise.

callie murphy
1/27/2012 4:19:46 PM

Hi Lori, what are the approximate rising times needed?

lori dunn
1/25/2012 3:50:12 PM

Cindy, If we were neighbors, you would most definitely get to sample! I do share! As a matter of fact my family (who are also my neighbors) LOVE when I do food photos because they know they get to try everything too! You could sooo make the bread! I believe in you! Stay tuned, I've combined the bread with the cheese, and a few other items, to make a really yummy recipe!

cindy murphy
1/25/2012 12:38:35 PM

Lori, reading your posts is like watching the Food Network - I always find myself suddenly hungry! You make baking bread sound so easy, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give it a try just yet; first comes the cheese recipe you posted earlier, THEN maybe I'll work up to attempting the bread. Now, if we were neighbors.....I'm sure I'd give the bread a try. Only if you offered, of course - it's not like I'd steal it off your counter, or anything. Probably not, anyway.

lori dunn
1/24/2012 3:49:53 PM

Nebraska Dave, If you decide to try your own bread, this one is yummy! You've been really busy with your own wonderful projects, it's no wonder you don't have time to bake bread! I'm going to use this recipe as a pizza crust for cold veggie pizza. I'm going to bake the crust on my round pizza stone. After it's finished and cooled, I'll spread it with cream cheese, chopped tomatoes, onions, broccoli, and some of my homemade cheese, and anything else I can find in the fridge that looks good! We'll see if it turns out a keeper!

nebraska dave
1/24/2012 3:37:15 PM

Lori, I sure have missed your down home recipes. I still haven't gotten back to bread baking. Now that the weather outside it cold and wintery the possibility that this could be the time for baking bread is a good reality. It's great to have one of the founding bloggers come back to GRIT. I hope we continue to hear about everything that's been happening on the homestead. Have a great day.