Small Farm Distributes Local Food Using Horse-Drawn Delivery

A Maine farm and vineyard delivers local food to customers’ front doors by horse-drawn wagon.

Local Food from a Local Farm

Oyster River Farm Express delivers boxes of produce and other farm goods by horse-drawn wagon.

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A Maine farm is taking home delivery back in time. Oyster River Farm Express will deliver a box of farm products to 90 customers each week. “It cannot get more convenient than being delivered to your door,” says Brian Smith, owner of Oyster River Winegrowers.

The small Warren, Maine, farm and vineyard are solely operated by draft horse power. “Being a small farm in Maine comes with some very specific challenges,” Smith says in a video interview. “Our economy is very seasonal, and we are heavily reliant on the summer tourist traffic. But we’ve got an idea. We want to bring back horse-drawn, door-to-door farm delivery.”

How it works is Smith and his crew put together a wooden box each week that includes seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread, cheese, meat, and a bottle of wine from their vineyard. The price is $39 per week for 21 weeks, November through March. A horse-drawn wagon delivers the box to the front doors of its customers — the local community.