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Homemade Mac and Cheese is HOT!

By K.C. Compton

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Baked Mac and CheeseAs Constant Reader might remember, GRIT has been way out ahead on the current mac and cheese craze. For those of you who don't know, macaroni and cheese is now the totally hot comfort food du jour, with even such a notable blog site as The Huffington Post 

touting it in recipes from sushi to tortilla wraps and a few unimaginable interpretations in between. 

The Culinate Newsletter has a delicious-sounding recipe for a baked macaroni and cheese with cauliflower that sounded utterly worth trying.

But if you’re looking for a good, basic recipe for “macaroni cheese,” as my kids used to call it, you’ll find it right here on the GRIT website. Our staff started the macaroni wars – actually, just a very tasty mac-and-cheese cook-off (we look for any excuse to cook our favorite things for each other) – a couple of years ago and offered recipes from several of our office winners.You'll find several variations on the theme, all of them staff-certified to be delicious.

 I have a fond spot in my heart for macaroni and cheese because I’m convinced it saved my daughter’s life when she decided at age 12 that she was a vegetarian, but didn’t really get around to liking vegetables much until she was in college. Kraft Mac and Cheese (when I was feeling flush, store brands when I wasn’t) kept her going until she caught up with vegetables. I feel guilty about this, but there you have it. She's a succcessful, veggie-eating, glowing-with-health adult now, so sometimes you just have to ride out these waves and keep nagging until the kid reaches shore.

As the Huffington Post article demonstrates, this simple dish has endless and occasionally awful variations (though if I were carbo-loading for a marathon or a long bike ride, the grilled mac-and-cheese sandwich might actually not kill me instantly).

 The macaroni and cheese layered in meat loaf seems perfectly rational and even appetizing to me. The mac-cheese pizza? Not so much. But then, I’ve never been one to eat bread sticks with my pizza either.