Farmers' Market Recipes

Make the most of in-season, local produce with these farmers' market recipes.


Use any combination of fruit you please for this Rustic Fresh Fruit Tart. Hoychuk

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Farmers’ market season is finally here, and that means the freshest, in-season produce, eggs and meat you can find. Many city dwellers depend on their local farmers’ market for farm-fresh ingredients to create their favorite meals. If you’re unable to grow produce yourself, the farmers’ market is an invaluable resource. Get to know your local growers, and they will give you tips on how to prepare the produce they grew for you. While you’re there, grab a dozen or so fresh eggs, or use eggs from your own chickens, to incorporate with your newly acquired ingredients. From breakfasts to Homemade Mayonnaise and Perfect Egg Salad, you can’t go wrong with fresh eggs. To get even more out of your farmers’ market haul, make up a few Homemade Spring Salad Dressings. Whatever you find at the market, it’s sure to make a beautiful meal.

Farmers' Market Recipes


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