Cooking With Honey

Cooking with honey is one way to eliminate sugar consumption.

Honey Barbecue Chicken

Honey Barbecue Chicken, there's nothing quite like it.

courtesy National Honey Board

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Honey, in and of itself, does not a dish make. However, honey contributes a lot to many different types of dishes, and it is a preferred sweetener when the cook is trying to preserve nutrients and keep ingredients whole and natural. Try cooking with honey on a few of these recipes, and experiment with substituting honey for sugar in some of your own favorite recipes.

Cooking With Honey Recipes: 
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Chocolate Torte With Honey
Honey Barbecue Chicken Recipe

Honey Rice Pudding Recipe
Honey Crisp Apples With Nutmeg Cream
Honey Garlic Sauce for Asparagus
Red-Skin Potato Salad Recipe With Honey Dill Dressing 
Carrot Soup Recipe
Honey Baked Beans From Scratch
Honey Sweet Corn Cakes Recipe
Healthy Coleslaw Recipe
Irish Honey Sweet Pot Roast
Honey Granola Recipe
Honey Almond Brickle Recipe 
Honey Almond Brickle Ice Cream Recipe 
Sweet Chili Recipe

On the average, honey is 1 to 11⁄2 times sweeter (on a dry-weight basis) than sugar.

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