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Can you lower your living expenses with organic farming?

That is a great question. In California, they are working to legislate proper food labeling, due to modified food products being used in processed foods.

This will raise the cost of foods in the stores, as well as put some companies out of business. Lawyers will of course make a bunch of money and the government will once again grow due to increased “policing” all of those requirements.

Does that lower your living expenses?

 Yes it is draining 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of what will really help you lower your living expenses.

Here is the game of choice.

Let me answer these questions one at a time.

What steps can you take to improve your options?

I am glad that you asked! Here are some that you can do yourself:

Lowering your living expenses with organic farming or gardening will be an adventure. Our neighbors children and the parents themselves would come over and just spend time in the garden with us. The children learned about where their vegetables came from and what it tasted like right out of the garden.

Healthy food, learning new ways to save money while at the same time educating yourself and your children is priceless. 

Organic farming home

We have had many “Garden Parties” spontaneously erupt when we are outside in the garden. The joy of the new growth and eating fresh off the vine or out of the earth continues to be “Priceless” moments in our lives.

You can learn for yourself how we experimented and found new ways to garden, just follow the link!

Search and ask questions, it is the best way to know what it is that you want and need. 

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