10 Best Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus is incredibly versatile and goes with almost anything. See for yourself with one of our 10 best asparagus recipes.

Asparagus in Bunches

Pick thick, vibrant bunches of asparagus at the farmers' market.

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Tired of your dinner routine, or perhaps looking for an easy side dish? Asparagus is perfect in a main dish or as an accompaniment to almost anything. Try one of our best asparagus recipes today. 

10 Best Asparagus Recipes

Pasta With Chicken and Asparagus Recipe  

Turkey and Asparagus Stir-Fry Recipe  

Italian Asparagus Salad With Rice Recipe  

Simple Asparagus Pasta Recipe  

Sauteed Spring Chicken Cutlets With Asparagus Recipe  

Asparagus With Honey Garlic Sauce Recipe  

Asparagus With a Zing Recipe  

Baked Asparagus Recipe  

Winter Vegetable Salad With Asparagus Recipe  

Poached Eggs on Asparagus Recipe