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Wild Strawberries

By Jacqueline Wilt, R.N., C.E.M.T.

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What's better than sweet ruby red strawberries in the summertime? WILD STRAWBERRIES!

Wild strawberry plants grow close to the ground, have smaller leaves and much smaller berries than domesticated species.

Here in the Flint Hills of Kansas, wild strawberries thrive amongst the native grasses. We happen to have some inordinately large patches of these sweet berry producing plants on our property. Wild strawberries are much smaller than the domesticated species we are familiar with today. But, they are 100 percent organic (without trying!), super sweet, and require zero effort to cultivate!

We spent about 20 minutes in one patch and were rewarded with approximately 2 pints of the fragrant berries. Might have been more, but it's hard not to eat as many as you pick!

Kate ate strawberries almost as fast as she could pick them!

Our 2-year-old daughter, Kate, just sat down and picked strawberries as fast as she could eat them ... and only moved once! She was so proud of what she picked in her little pail!

Kate shows off the fresh picked berries. What a big grin!

I brought all the strawberries in the house, rinsed them in cold water and hulled them (removed the stems).

Don't these look so pretty?! This is our take after about 20 minutes of picking in a very small area!

Kate helped place them in pretty dessert dishes. With a dollop of whipped cream, they made a wonderful summer evening dessert!

YUM! These strawberries look good enough to eat!

We have lots more to pick. I hope to make a wild strawberry pie, and maybe even some wild strawberry wine! Yum!