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Where, on a kale plant, are the seeds?

A photo of Shannon SaiaI mentioned a few posts back that I was letting last year’s kale bolt this spring, in hopes of figuring out where the seeds develop. When I wrote that, I think I kind of had an idea that I would be picking the tiny black seeds out of the little yellow flowers with tweezers. I examined the flowers again and again, and I could not for the life of me figure out where those seeds were.  

But then yesterday, I was outside, examining my kale forest, which has grown gangly and unruly. The stalks keep getting longer and longer, pushing out more and more little yellow flowers as they grow up, and leaving behind what looks like a green porcupine…and that’s when it hit me. Those long, slim, pointy green things that I’ve been staring dumbly at for days now are seed pods! I pulled one off and slit it open, and though the seeds were still in development, they were pale green and soft, they are, nonetheless (going to be) seeds.  

Check it out! Who knew?????  

  kale seed pods 

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