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Waiting for Spring

A photo of Shannon SaiaThis past Saturday, one day past the first recommended spring planting date for Southern Maryland, I spent some time in the garden. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was around sixty. The rain we were expecting did not materialize and instead we had some blue sky and even a little bit of sun. I took my garden plan and my planting date chart outside and I planted spinach, spring leaf lettuce mix, onions, cabbage, Chinese cabbage and peas. It was an awesome morning.


This morning, three days before the official first day of spring, we have snow - several wet, fluffy inches of it. It's on the trees, and the deck, and the cars, and everything that it could possibly be sticking to except the roads. It is lovely, and really, I guess I should count myself lucky to have been able to see this at least once this winter. It's really the first and only pretty snow that we've had. 

  snow on pansy 

But still. I planted peas, darn it!!! My pear trees are getting ready to bud and I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my shoulders.

Spring! Come on, already!!!