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Veggies in the Flower Garden

Kim PezzaI have started to get the plants out. Right now, I am mixing vegetables with the herbs and flowers around the house. Of course, we are now having a late cold snap, lots of rain and low temps, so I hope that they will come out OK.

There is something fun about having a mixed garden around the house. While most people who walk around it expect to see the typical flowers and ferns, they get a bit excited when they spy a cuke in around the violets, or herbs popping up from the pansies. I have fun with it as well, especially thinking about where each little surprise will go this year. In fact, except for what is already there, as far as flowers (the iris, roses, old fashioned hollyhocks and tulips my grandmother had in and the parrot tulips and bee balm that I put in), anything else that goes in must have some sort of food purpose, even the flowers, although some ferns "volunteered" a few years ago, and to be honest, placed themselves in an otherwise useless area. Perfect! You're hired!

At this point, I am contemplating on whether or not I want to add some of my new strawberry plants around the house, or if I want them all in their own little patch. I'm probably going to do the latter, although a few plants would be nice. Maybe back by the grapes, if they can do well in close proximity to horseradish!

Trying to get this farm re-set-up is going to be a bit that a lot of work. I have plans for a small orchard in a side yard that I don't use, and have already planted blueberries in, as well as more garden space, and goat and chicken space. In keeping in mind that I need to consider how I can (or can't) get around in the winter time, I have to arrange things more for that, then I would sometimes prefer. But, if it gets this all back up and running, it works. I wish I had some photos of when my grandparents used to farm it, before grandpa put in all of the Christmas trees, many of those which are near out buildings have to come down because they are now way too tall and dangerous in the high winds. But nice hardwoods are coming in. And my mom has been telling me about what she remembers.

So, on I go. In between writing the books and the blogs, I work around here. And although it is work, it is fun.