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Vegetable seed giveaway

White russian kale A photo of AmyOver the last couple of years I have been so impressed by the performance of White Russian kale that I decided to grow and save my own seed. The reason that I like it so much is that it is exceptionally tough in the garden. One year, all of my kale plants, including my much beloved lacinato kale, were wiped out by freezing temperatures. But not good old white russian! 

In order to save your own kale seed, you need to have at least a dozen plants. The result is that now I have a tremendous amount of kale seed! Hooray!

In order to participate, I would like to you to stop by and "like" my brand new facebook page. I'm trying to get some vegetable garden conversation going and facebook is great for that! Leave a note saying howdy so that I know you stopped by for the giveaway.

If you're not on facebook and would still like to participate, leave me a comment on my blog.  

I will choose a winner at random in a week. Good luck!