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Update on My Giant Sunflower

By K.C. Compton

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Suddenly last week – and I do mean suddenly, as in overnight – my enormous backyard sunflower plant did two things at once. First, it drooped over and lost its stature as the tallest non-tree plant in my neighborhood. And immediately thereafter, it exploded.

OK, it might have taken another day. But within hours, the plant had gone from having a few lonely sunflowers at the very top where no one could see them, to being this sunflower extravaganza:

 Lemon Queen Sunflower Forest 

I think it got tired of being appreciated only for its height and decided to bend over and show me what else it could do. And now I know the identity of this amazing plant. It is indeed the ‘Lemon Queen’ variety handed out by our friends at Your Garden Show

, as part of their citizen science project to track bees.

I haven’t seen any bees, but man, do I have some blossoms. And I don’t think you could find a more heat-and-drought tolerant flowering plant anywhere. As you can see, it’s a forest of flowers.

So, that offer of seeds – if the birds don’t get to all of them first – still stands.

And once again, I am filled with awe and wonder for the miracles of daily life. Just when you think things – in the garden, in relationships, in life – are going one way, shazam! A corner is turned and an entirely new game opens up.