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Uncovering Hidden Treasures

Terri CoopWelcome to "Hidden Treasures of Kansas." I'm a transplanted Californian who made my way to Kansas with stops in Chicago, Virginia, and Oklahoma. I came to Fort Scott in 2001 and still marvel at the architectural treasures tucked away on the side streets.

My work takes me around southeast Kansas and I take the back roads whenever I can. My wanderings are always rewarding. A graceful house. A charming cottage. A stunning church. A gothic courthouse. Even the abandoned and faded buildings have an air of dignity and mystery to them. Sometimes it's just a bit of fancy woodwork or a stone carving that makes an otherwise ordinary building unique. Sadly, too many of these treasures are being lost to time, neglect, and shoddy repairs.

Armed with my trusty camera, I'll take you along on my wanderings and give some suggestions on places you might like to visit. Where I can, I will throw in some historical tidbits. Be prepared for some humor as well. Not everything in Kansas is graceful.

If you see something and know more of the story, please leave a comment. The heritage of Kansas is shared and everyone has a piece of the story.

Queen Anne
Victorian mansion:  Fort Scott, Kansas 

At first, you'll see quite a bit of my hometown, Fort Scott, as I sort through and catalog all of my photos. This stunning and immaculately maintained Victorian mansion is located on the 500 block of South Judson Street in Fort Scott. Tucked away on a quiet side street, this painted lady with her fancy rose marble pillars is just the first of many hidden treasures in Kansas.