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Tillie Carts & Tools Announces New Electric Tools

Tillie Carts and Tools


Market farmers and backyard growers now have access to battery powered, electric tools designed and developed with the professional in mind. While most electric cultivators and tillers are created with occasional use in mind, Carts & Tools products are specifically created for the grower who is making their living providing sustainable, local food and the serious gardener who wants a tool not a toy.

“The market between tools sold at the consumer level and the bigger agriculture world has been underserved and virtually ignored. We make serious, professional quality tools that perform better than the consumer models and by virtue of their design are more flexible, adaptable and useful than the larger implements available,” said Brad Attig, Business Development, Carts & Tools

“Most electric tillers are ok for what they were designed to do but they lack the power, torque and quality construction necessary for real field and garden work plus most require an extension cord. The larger gas tillers are heavy, noisy, don’t offer you much in the way of precision and are often times hard to start and maintain. Not to mention they use non-renewable resources.”

“Our tools are much more powerful than they look and will till hard soil yet the variable speed allows unprecedented precision cultivation. The patent-pending design also makes them perfect for furrowing, bed shaping, hilling, soil mulching and tilthing.”

The Carts & Tools Product Line

Tillie™ is the most versatile garden tool on the market. With either a 24V or 36V electric hub motor and hardened tool steel tines, this electric tiller will quickly become the go-to tool in the barn or garden shed. Heavy duty powder coated steel, stainless steel fasteners and hand-rubbed steam-bent oak handles complete the package.

Solus™ is the first electric wheel hoe of its kind and makes the arduous work of weeding crops much more enjoyable. Both tools are available with either sealed lead acid batteries or lithium batteries. A solar charging panel is now available for the truly sustainable farmer or gardener and additional battery packs are available.

Depending on use, users have reported 1 to 3 hours from a single charge. That is more than enough to till and shape planting beds in a 1000 sq. ft. plus garden or cultivate more than 1/2 mile between vegetable row crops. Even when forgetting that they using sustainable power and reducing noise pollution, these tools also greatly improve efficiency. This means more time to do other chores and higher productivity equals better profitability.

“After you use a Tillie™ a couple of times, you learn to slow it down and let it do all the work. By tilting the tool you can till a wide swath, dig furrows or shape beds. The fact it has full torque at slow speeds gives you excellent precision letting you get the weeds right up next to your plants.”

About Carts and Tools Technology, Inc.

Carts & Tools creates innovative tools that solve the needs of small market growers and large home gardeners to provide local and sustainable foods. Design and development comes from the team comprised of engineers, farmers, university students, and local/sustainable food advocates who work together to build and sell tools that provide solutions to an underserved market. Every tool is assembled in Corvallis, OR from imported and US parts.

Carts & Tools is located in Corvallis, OR, home to Oregon State University which boasts premier engineering and agriculture schools as well as an award winning solar vehicle team. Nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Carts & Tools is surrounded by farms of all sizes which grow one of the most diverse assortments of commercial vegetable, fruit, and nuts in the US. The Willamette Valley is also the birthplace of Oregon Tilth, who provides organic certification services to organic growers, processors, and handlers internationally.

For more information, visit and be sure to check out the videos of Tillie™ in action. Follow Carts and Tools on Facebook at

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