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The RV Garden

I finally got my parent's RV garden in for them a little over a week ago. It wasn't easy, trying to miss the seemingly never ending storms and even planting between the raindrops. But, it's in now. However the plants do look as if they have been stressing out with this weather, between the cold to hot then hot to cold, and an overabundance of water. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate a bit and give the little guys a break!

Most people think that when they move to an RV lifestyle, they have to give up gardening all together. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it will be your time to get creative. You can do container gardening or even raised beds, if permissible. You will have to keep things in mind like, how long you will be in one spot and how much space do you have to carry containers, but you'll still be gardening!

Cukes in Last Years RV Garden 

Cukes in last year's RV Garden

Tomatoes in Last Years RV Garden 

Tomatoes in last year's RV Garden

Some of the Other Edibles from the RV Container Garden 

Some of the other edibles from the RV Container Garden.

So if you decide to start residing in an RV, don't leave the garden behind. Change it, shrink it and contain it, but don't leave your favorite past time behind. Embrace a new version of it instead.

I'll be doing more on RV gardening, so keep watch. I'll be posting photos along the way as well.