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The Garden Starts with Cleaning out the Barn

This year's garden really started last fall when we cleaned out the barn.

Cleaning out the barn

as the Light Brahma Rooster and Hen watched...

Light Brahma Rooster and Hen

All the compost went on the garden spot. Over the fall and winter seasons we put leaves on top of the compost.

Adding compost

Skip through to June 6th. This is how the garden looks with all that wonderful organic compost as it's only fertilizer.

Garden on June 6, 2010

The Roma green beans are now ready for picking...

Roma green beans on plant

Roma beans snapped

and cooking...

Roma beans cooked

and canning...

Pressure canner

It will be a busy week but I hope to have at least 24 quarts of green beans in jars soon.

Canned green beans

Silver King corn and Clemson Spineless Okra soon to follow. Next will be the Black crowder peas, Brown crowder peas, Speckled butterbeans, and  Fordhook butterbeans.

Silver King Corn, Clemson Spineless Ora, Black and brown crowder peas, Speckled and Fordhook butterbeans

In the raised beds I had spinach, radishes, lettuce, asparagus, onions, and mustard greens. Most of the beds are ready for new plantings.

Raised beds with spinach, radishes, lettuce, asparagus, onions and mustard greens.

The tomatoes are in a cattle panel fence.

Tomatoes inside fence

That is because the guineas do love to taste each tomato when they begin to turn red.

Even though they have a bad habit of sampling tomatoes, the guineas are excellent bug hunters.

They will go down each row checking the plants for insects.

Guineas checking the plants

I suppose I could reward them with a tomato every now and then for their serious bug hunts!

This end I have the potatoes, red onions, collards, radishes, and a couple of yellow squash.

Garden -- potatoes, red onions, collards, radishes and yellow squash

The other end I have a some peaches and cream sweet corn (first year I have tried it) sunflowers, cantaloupe, and watermelon.

Garden -- cream sweet corn, sunflowers, cantaloupe, watermelon

A slide show video of the garden this year from planting until now.

The big chest freezer is now cleaned out and defrosted ready for filling up again like from summers gone by.

Vegetables for the freezer

You can see and read more about our farm here on our personal blog: Life on a Southern Farm

I hope your garden is doing well too!

Have a great gardening season.