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Terra Nova Gardens Are Mine

A photo of Nebraska DaveYes, this is yet another post on the Terra Nova Gardens.  I can't help it.  My imagination is running wild with anticipation.  Can you tell?  These two properties together would be almost an acre of land which would net, after a major clean up, about half to two thirds of an acre to turn into gardens.  That would be more than enough to keep me busy and out of trouble for many years to come.  Don't you think?

I have good news. The soon to be property is now my property.  The final payment has been made and now .... yes I wait again for the deed to come in the mail.  It only takes three to four weeks.  (Big sigh)  It's a good thing I'm a patient man.  This process started early in September and now it looks as though I won't have the official deed in my hand until next year.  I'm looking forward to Spring and getting to actually start cleaning and building.

I thought closing would be a little more than just making a final payment on the property but that's all it was.  No signing because I signed a couple papers when I gave them a down payment.  It was quite uneventful.  It was nothing like signing for a house.  After knowing that the property was mine, I took a drive up to Terra Nova Gardens and just sat on the old downed tree trunk in the middle of the weed/vine mess and dreamed of how it would look in a couple years.  There's no money for machinery to clear the land so a worn square spade, a garden rake, a hoe, and a wheel barrow will be the tools of clearing the land. 

Terra Nova Gardens Properties 
As you can see there are many trees.  The left road in the picture has a major bank that drops down to the flat part of the property.  I'd say that the usable part of the property is about half.  The rest on the left of the property will be left in trees to hold the bank together.  The bank is about a 45 degree climb which may require a stairway in the future project plans.

Terra Nova distance shot
This is a good shot of just how high and big the bank is at the back of the property.  At the foot of the bank is a 60' X 60' area that will be the first three years of clearing and building.  Hopefully by next year this time, I'll be ready for a long winter's nap and another picture will look a lot different.  As you can see there is major cleanup involved with this project.  

Terra Nova Gardens Properties 1 
Here's a little higher up view of where the property is situated.  You can see that it's surrounded by city but yet kind of isolated from the city.  The property lines in this picture are both properties.  The one that's mine and the one that will be in foreclosure soon.  I have decided to put a bid in for the other property in foreclosure but not until next spring.  Well, that is if it's still available.  Right now I have enough to think about for quite a while.

I have marked where the turkeys were.  You can see why I'm concerned about them crossing the road.  It's a major thoroughfare and I wouldn't want anything to happen to Tom and his girls.

Terra Nova Gardens 1st year 
It's difficult to decide what to do first when spring comes.  Now I have to rethink my backyard gardens as well.  That will have to be more immediate vegetable gardening fresh for the table.   The storage and give away will come from Terra Nova Gardens.  The above picture comes from the GRIT Food Garden Planner and reflects the plan for year one on Terra Nova Gardens.  It's a work in progress and changes on a daily basis. 

Terra Nova Big Plan 
Here is the three-year plan as it stands for now.  The garden beds will be expanded by 9 to 12 beds each year for two years after next.  This is only 60 feet of the 160 feet.  It's the best suited for gardening and the easiest to clear and prepare.  If I get these nine beds up and producing this year with a fence around them, I will call it a great accomplishment.

I better start going back to the gym this winter to strengthen up for the coming year. I know that some of you have exciting plans as well or at least plans that will require lots of work.

Well that's all for now.  It's coffee time.  See you next time and leave a comment and tell me if I'm nuts or just an old guy trying to stay way too busy.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a very Happy New Year.