Ten Rules for Edible Flowers

Follow these ten rules for edible flowers when you go foraging for this new delicacy.

Ten Rules for Edible Flowers

Daylilies and pasta are a great example of an edible flower’s ability to accent a staple meal.

Joe Coca

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Not all flowers are edible, and you could be allergic to some of them. That's why it is important to follow these ten rules for edible flowers before you make a habit of using and eating them.

Edible Flowers for Any Occasion

Ten Rules for Edible Flowers

1. Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible.

2. Just because it is served with food does not mean a flower is edible.

3. Eat only flowers that have been grown organically.

4. Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers.

5. If you have hay fever, asthma or allergies, go very slowly in trying edible flowers.

6. Do not eat flowers picked from the side of the road. They are contaminated from car emissions.

7. Remove pistils and stamens from flowers before eating. Eat only the petals.

8. Not all flowers are edible. Some are poisonous.

9. Many varieties of any one flower are available. Flowers taste different when grown in different locations.

10. Introduce flowers into your diet the way you would new foods to a baby — one at a time in small quantities.

 — From the book, Edible Flowers by Cathy Wilkinson Barash