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The Greenhouse Nears Completion

HISFarmHere is an update of our 60-by-60-by-15-foot deep greenhouse. There were two of us who have worked on this for a year now. It has been quite a bit of work that has been a joy and challenge at the same time.

Winter is Coming

Two weeks ago, we were able to cement the last upright post in place for the greenhouse.

Cold weather, high winds and time restraints have appeared to be winning the battle in getting the roof on and complete before the first big snow.

The last post is cemented in place

We just could not get the last two rows of the roof pulled into place due to the wind. The temperature must be at least 50 F to set these 66-foot-long panels into place. Too cold or too hot, and the tension will not be correct once it is completed.

Part of taking on a project of this size is keeping focused on the end result. We know that once the roof is completed, we can finish the sides, install the vents and get the water system and completed.

We have placed the top soil, compost and llama manure in the greenhouse already. We just got a "new to us" Troy Built horse rototiller to level the floor of the greenhouse also.

Rototiller inside of greenhouse

Soil mix in back of greenhouse

A Two-day "Heat Wave" Makes It Possible to Finish the Roof!

Just this last Sunday and Monday, we were blessed to have warm enough weather to pull the last two panels! Finally, the roof is on and the weather was up to the low 50s. We have had a couple of small snowstorms, but the snow is all gone.

Here are a couple of photographs of the completed roof for the greenhouse!

Greenhouse roof and tensioned properly

Side view of the completed greenhouse roof

Last Items to Finish the Greenhouse

Now we can get the floor level and finish the side windows and vents.

Here is what we have left to do:

This may sound like a lot of work, but compared to where we started, it is a short list.

We were hoping to get this completed before the first big snow, however, it came. The great news is that the roof is on and there is lots to do inside under the roof!

First snow arrived too early

So what have we completed so far?

There are probably easier and less expensive ways to build a greenhouse, but for us at nearly 9,000 feet in elevation with severe cold weather, this system is the best option.

Yes, living a life and making income has lengthened our time frame. But it has been and continues to be our vision to build a farm that provides nutrient dense food year round.

Nutrition is the main ingredient in a healthy life: physically, mentally and financially.

Whether you are nurturing your family, your business or your mindset or your land, it is all part of a healthy life.

What do you do to fund your dream? We do train others how to fund their farm or professional garden without going into debt. Is it easy? Not always, but if you are ready to get some help, you can contact me: chrisdowns@hisfarmorg. Are you a fit to work with us? Leave us a message and we will interview you to see if it is a fit for you and us.

Build your dream, keep your vision in focus and keep moving forward. Have the grit to "Get R Done"! Remember to keep reading GRIT magazine for tips and reviews, invest in your skills and knowledge and train others to do the same.

Together, we can make the world a better place, one great meal, homestead and farm at a time.

Chris Downs
The Caretaker