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Spring Fever: The To-Do List

A photo of Staci Ducharme and her husbandI fall for it every year. We get a series of days in the upper 50s, and I start daydreaming of spring. I imagine the smell of the rain-soaked earth and the feel of moist soil on my jeans as I kneel down to prepare the garden beds that will provide so much abundance. The veggie seeds are in their packets just waiting to be planted.

I know, I know, it’s inevitable that we’ll have ice or snow again before the gardening season begins, but it’s still nice to dream. Along with dreaming comes the creation of the annual “Spring To-Do List.” Do you have a list? What types of things are on it? Here’s mine:

Sunflower about to bloom

Sunflower starting to bloom

Sunflower blooming

I’m sure I’ll think of plenty additional projects to add before spring arrives. By the way, regarding the photos of the sunflowers above, the third photo was the last day of enjoyment I had with them. When I came home from work the next day some little critter left nothing but stems. Hope they were delightful!