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The Sleeping Garden

A photo of Shannon SaiaThe Sleeping Garden 


S.M.R. Saia 


Uneven ground, grass tipped with frost 

Secreting what the summer lost 

A tiny gold key, a Secret Garden charm 

The buckle off the boot that held the Wall-E farm 


Ghosts of groundhogs, rabbits, snakes 

Pieces of wire, bits of hosiery and string 

Toy spades and teeth from broken rakes 

Stones laid and sunken to forgotten things 


The frozen wilt of brassicas and jalapeño bones 

The sleeping seeds of next summer’s volunteers 

Squash and Beauregards and marigolds 

And the sturdy first green of tuber spears 


Still and bugless tundra where potential teems 

A sleeping garden growing only winter dreams.