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Rerooting Euonymus Japonica Plants

Euonymus Japonica is a hardy evergreen foundation plant. It grows beside my house providing a lot of greenery to the outside of my home, which can be difficult at times since I am surrounded by several huge oak trees.  But it does grow in the shade and can survive being neglected. I am sorry to say there are years when the poor things were on their own, but they kept growing and stayed a beautiful shade of green.  

I wanted to add these hardy plants around the foundation of a new addition we had added to our existing home, so I decided to see if I could reroot them. I waited until the winter to prune them. When I pruned them I made sure to cut the stem at an angle. 

Stem Cutting 

I placed these pieces in a container of water for a few days until I noticed roots barely starting to grow from the bottom of stem cut I made. After the roots began to grow I planted the stems in a container with potting soil and began to water regularly. Not all stem cuttings will reroot, so cut extras because they will be some loses. But Euonymus Japonica is an easy plant to propagate by rerooting the stem. 

Stem Cuttings 1 Year Later 

The next winter the plants had produced so many roots and had established themselves that I could easily transfer them into my landscaping. They also would make good container grown plants for a patio or porch. 

  Stem Cuttings Transplanted  

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