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It's Really Feeling Like Spring

Pam B headshotWell spring has arrived here officially on the farm. And none to soon for me. We in New England had our fill of winter! This past week I started spinning some wonderful natural colored fleece into yarn. I completed many skeins, washed and set them and moved them into the shop waiting for the right person to come along and fall in love with them.

handspu yarn

I also completed a wonderful little shoulder shrug with some hand dyed hot pink yarn. It's just enough to keep the chill away, worn over the shoulders ending above the elbows. I added a really cool square button which I think was perfect for this little shrug. Great for Spring!  It came out just perfect.

shoulder shrug

I weeded the strawberry patch, and rhubarb patch which took some time,  a little here, and a little  there  over the week and it was done before I knew it.

strawberry patch

Looking good! I'll make strawberry rhubarb jam for the shop in a month or so, as soon as the strawberries come.


I had my little  farm helper two days this week, Luke my grandson who knows that chores are never done on the farm. So, he lends a hand driving his tractor  filled with weeds and dumping them for me. A great farm hand he makes!


So another week has passed, and all is well here at Dream Come True. Life is good...Have a great week. See you in a week or so!  Pam 

pam blasko
5/14/2011 11:52:56 AM

Hi Dave, my little farm hand resides right next door to us so I understand about the plum ticketed out! But it's a wonderful thing being part of his life on an almost daily basis. Enjoy your little buckaroo!

nebraska dave
5/13/2011 7:06:11 PM

Pam, Yeah, spring is here. The garden is planted, the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, the kids are playing outside, and the birds are tweeting in the trees. Oh, yeah, spring is definitely here. I like it. I love the little helper and his tractor. Grandson's are the greatest aren't they? My daughter and grandson live with me so I get a full dose of grandson each and every day. Some days old grandpop is plum tuckered out. Ah, well, ok, every day old grandpop is plum tuckered out. Have a great spring time garden day.