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If You Give A Girl Some Dirt

 If you give a girl some dirt...
new garden bed
...chances are, she'll get her hands dirty planting seeds.
gardening hand
When she plants the seeds, they'll probably grow into something like this.

tomato blossom
When she sees how beautiful they are, she'll tend them until they turn into something like this.
green tomatoes
And with a little care and a lot of patience, they'll eventually grow into something like this.
ripe tomatoes on the vine
When she finds out how delicious they are, more flavorful than any she bought at the grocer's, she'll want to grow more of her own food. So, she'll start more seeds...
...and they'll grow...
...and grow...
yellow squash plant
...and grow.
Kentucky wonder pole beans
And chances are, when she finds out how much she enjoys growing her own food and how good it is for her...
future corn field
...she'll want a lot more dirt.