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Green Buffet

Breathe Deeply!

My dear friend and neighbor knocked at the door. There she stood, holding a garden hod (a cool container used to cart around a harvest) filled with fresh herbs from her garden.

 Garden Hod 

The aroma of Greek oregano, tarragon, chives, apple mint and chocolate mint filled my kitchen. Thank you, neighbor!

To keep the herbs fresh, I filled a container with a bit of water. Who knew that fresh herbs could make a lovely bouquet? Of course, my family used every bit of the herbs…we made herb tea and jazzed up our recipes with flavor. 

 Vegetable Bouquet 

I absolutely love how sharing a harvest allows friendships to flourish!

Aside from receiving and giving produce to neighbors, it’s the relationships that we all cherish. Over the years we’ve shared so much more than produce. If someone needs  a ride to a doctor’s appointment, we deliver. If something doesn’t seem quite right, we trust our instincts. And, we like to share cake!

How does your neighbor surprise you?

Happy summer,