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Gardens, Fishing, and Future Garden Property

A photo of Nebraska DaveThe month of August flew by and now September is nearly over as well.  We here in Nebraska are heavy into the fall weather with 40s being the normal temperature at night.  This next week will be spent in garden tear down and watering system draining to prepare for the winter months.  This last week was spent in the Northern part of Nevada catching trout.  There's just nothing like a good cooked trout by the shore of a lake.  Everyone should try it at least once in their life.

Fish for dinner 

We kept the bigger fish and let anything under 20 inches go back into the lake to grow up a bit.  This was one afternoon's worth of fishing. If you really want to read more about the trip you can click here.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the fall garden was planted before I packed up and left for the week of fishing.  I planted lettuce, carrots, and broccoli.  Imagine my surprise when I came back home to this.

 Qs Medley 

After looking at the package closer, I found that I had planted Q's Special Medley.  Chosen by Chef John Platt, this mix exhibits flavors, textures, and colors as varied as the acclaimed cuisine of Q's restaurant in the historic Boulderado Hotel.  Imagine that?  I had planted acclaimed cuisine from the famous Q's restaurant in the historic Boulderado Hotel.  .... Looks like a bunch of weeds to me.  The lesson learned here is to buy your fall seeds in the spring.  This special cuisine package happened to be the only package of lettuce seeds I could find anywhere.  Now I know why.  I think I'll ditch the rest of the package.Fall Broccoli 

This is one of the two precious broccoli plants that grew out of the eight that I planted.  Not the best seed was it?  So far the fall garden is pretty pathetic.  Next is Carrots.

Fall Carrots 

Yeah, here's one of the best looking carrots out of the 80 seeds planted.  I suppose there might be two or three more that sprouted while I was away.  It rained a gentle rain of about one inch according to official garden bean can rain gauge while I was away so the bad sprouting was not due to lack of moisture.  I think it was just plain bad seed.  My lesson learned is to buy only from good seed companies.  I'm just a bit slow to learn what most  likely the rest of you already know.

The property that I'm attempting to buy that's in foreclosure is into the second stage.  My bid has been excepted and the notice has been sent to the owner of the property to pay up or else.  It's expected that there most likely will not be  response as he hasn't paid any taxes since 2001.  Now we wait for 60 days before starting to clear the title and make the final payment for the property.  In the mean time I just may spend some time at the property cleaning up some of the weeds for planting next year.  If I don't get the property, well, then it will just be a good deed for the property owner.  I'll leave you with another video of the property.  This video is a trek into the interior of the property. I hope you enjoy it.



 Until next time keep the coffee hot and the conversations positive.  Leave a comment about what's been happening in your part of the world.