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Tractor iconJune 29, 2010, Hazelton, PA – Many Americans spend the entire spring cleaning, nurturing, and preparing their backyards only to surrender their outdoor living space to those pesky summertime interlopers - mosquitoes!! It's time to take action with a few simple pest control steps.

With a worldwide population of 100 trillion, mosquitoes will be ever-present this summer, and many will live and breed around homes just to be near us. Vice President Paul Ambrose explains, “Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but also a serious health hazard transmitting a variety of diseases including the West Nile Virus.”

Pest control methods can be very effective and easy to employ. According to Ambrose “Most people don’t realize that mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. This is an important place to think about prevention when combating mosquito infestation.”

Therefore, targeting water spots not only helps with infestation but also mosquito reproduction as well.

According to Ambrose, “We also recommend using Mosquito Bits or Mosquito Dunks to reduce mosquito infestation. These Mosquito Bits kill fast, within 24 hours, before mosquitoes are old enough to bite.”

At a time when people are spending more to beautify their yards but less time in them, it is important that precautions like these are taken for improving our quality of living. also recommends some long-term solutions that will encourage more time outside the home:

It is also important to remember that mosquitoes can affect all members of the family, which includes your pets.

Ambrose states that “the trend in the U.S. is away from spraying adult mosquitoes with chemicals. Whenever possible, government health authorities control large tracts of mosquito breeding land by larviciding. They use low toxicity biopesticides like B.T.I. (Bacillius thuringiensis subspecies israelensis). is here to help and protect you from the health risk and annoyance that mosquitoes present. When an issue like this hits this close to home, there’s no reason not to follow some simple precautions and enjoy the summer!

For a list of products and tips that can be used for pest control prevention, go to:

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