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Flowers Forever

By Debbie Nowicki

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Dried strawflowerI have finally realized that Gardening is one of my true passions. I have always enjoyed gardening but I didn’t fully see the joy and excitement it brought me until now. Growing a vegetable garden has always been the norm for me and I never looked past that point. The minute we bought our 18 acres my mind started racing and I have all types of ideas … and Gardening is at the heart of it all!

My gardens this year did Great even though I had a tough time deciding what to plant here and/or down south. Growing gardens in two different locations is a challenge and quite frankly not a good idea. I have learned to respect the weather and worship its every move. I watch for rain, I watch for rain to cease after torrid downfalls for two days, I cringe when it’s hot and dry for 2 weeks in a row and I have no way of turning on the garden hose for some relief since I am 5 hours away.

To accompany all this wonder and worry I am now fascinated with Growing Flowers and not just growing them, but also learning to preserve or dry them. I learned quickly that not all flowers dry well and some don’t even grow well!

Organization – keeping track of what you plant, when and how it did is a necessity regardless if it be vegetables or flowers. I have charts and seem to have it all under control, but I have to confess I tried to grow too much at once. All from seeds and tiny seeds are very fickle! So … not everything worked as expected, but as with all good gardening – you just keep trying!

I do have my startup grow racks which I use year round and realized they are multi-functional since I am now using them without the lights to dry flowers!

Grow Light Set Up

Flowers hanging to dry

Flowers that I found easy to grow and air dried well were:

Dried Yellow Statice

Statice larkspur globe amaranth

The possibilities to craft and create with dried flowers is endless and not difficult at all. Sometimes simple is so beautiful ...

Dried flowers in a white bowl

Dried yarrow in a basket

Swan with seed drying