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First Day Out

The seedlings are experiencing their first day out today. They were sown at the end of January and germinated in just a few days. Alas, as so often happens indoors, the seedlings got rather tall and leggy which is not good. The weather outside was still cold so they needed protection from an icy wind even though there was some sunshine. Yes, a greenhouse would be wonderful but that is not going to help when we are in a temporary apartment, so I looked around for something to help them. As it happened someone had just emptied a box of water bottles - they are shrunk wrapped in plastic and have a cardboard base. Not a perfect greenhouse but there was enough clear plastic for the seedlings to get some much needed sunshine without the wind.

The seedlings were still leggy but some new seeds were also germinating and these were sturdier. Enter nail scissors to prune out all the leggy lettuce and kale seedlings so that the little guys could get some light. The clippings made a great topping for a sandwich too!

So today it is cloudy and breezy with damp drizzle and the little guys are on their first few hours of unprotected weather. I am not sure how long I will let them stay out there, but there is some benefit to seedlings getting a little bit of wind to make them a little sturdier. 

 Seedlings on their first day out