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Thankful for Our Farm Life

A photo of GaFarm Woman PamThis summer has been very long, hot, and humid. At the end of another week of heat advisories for our area, another week of non-stop work, another week of a few set backs, we sometimes wonder why we keep doing what we do here on the farm. I understand that this way of life is not for everyone.(I really understand). It is hard work. It is the life my husband and I choose and at the moment I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

Have you ever...

Been so thankful for life that you thought you would burst?

Planting in the field

Loved a goat...

Annie the goat

Or two?

Cuddling a goat

Have you ever...

Dried your clothes in fresh air and sunshine?

Clothes drying on the line

Built a boat?

Building a boat

Boat building

Smelled fresh cut hay?

Fresh-cut hay

Skinny dipped in a pond with your husband in the moonlight?

Lake for skinny dipping

Kissed a chicken?

Goat kissing a chicken

Just watched a cow graze?

Cow grazing

Have you ever...

Built a rock bridge from rocks on the farm?

Hand built rock bridge

And a water wheel?

Handmade water wheel

Made a bale of pine straw?

Baling a pine straw

Seen a snake in a tree?

Snake in a tree

Have you ever...

Been a young family and built your own home? together? three times? never worried about a mortgage? never ... ever?

Our family in 1984

New house

Worked the soil, grew, and preserved enough fruits and vegetables for a year?

Vegetables grown

Have you ever... been so thankful for life you thought you would burst?

Flying bird

Oh yes, I remember now!

Just a few reasons why we keep doing it all over and over again.

What are you thankful for this week?

Please visit us at our farm here: Life on a Southern Farm