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The Farm Explorers

I love exploring around the farm. FarmMan does too. You just never know what you might find.

Metal detector and shovel

We have found several beautiful Native American arrowheads.

Native American Arrowhead

Here are some of the bottles, buttons, and arrowheads we have found. The bottle on the right is an old Windex bottle. The sprayer still works! At the bottom are a few of the rattlers from the Timber Rattlesnakes we came across when exploring.

Arrowheads, buttons, bottles, and rattlers.

I found this 1904 Indian Head penny near one of the old homestead sites on the farm.

1904 Indian Head Penny

FarmMan found this heart shaped wasp nest near the old pond just in time for a Valentine's Day Gift (to me!) Ahhh..romance!

Heart-shaped wasp nest.

I didn't find this Hoosier Cabinet on the farm but I did find it when taking the trash off to the county dumpsters. I hauled it home in the back of the car and FarmMan "fixed" it up and recycled it.

We use it in the kitchen. Very thrifty.

Can you imagine some one throwing it away?!

Hoosier Cabinet

We still find old cross ties and railroad spikes from the old train track that used to be on the farm. The metal track was taken up in the 1930's.

Cross tie and railroad spike.

We found several old homestead sites on the farm.

Old homestead site.

We found remnants of an old log building and near by was an old farm implement that had been there so long that a tree had grown around it. Some one told us it was a peanut plow or planter.

Log building remains and an old farm implement

We found where the old mill pond had been (this is after FarmMan had put it back).

The mill pond today

And when FarmMan was digging out the old mill pond site we saw:

Bottle in pond excavation.

This bottle:

Bottle from the pond

We found where a water wheel once stood over a hundred years ago.

Where the water wheel was

In the creek we found parts from the old waterwheel.

Where the water wheel was

Old waterwheel parts

FarmMan put the water wheel back too!

New waterwheel.

There were many many days of hard work that went with "putting" things back.

We have enjoyed exploring and finding where people before us walked, worked, lived, and loved this little piece of earth they called home and for now...we feel privileged for our turn to call it home.

Do you enjoy exploring? What have you found?

I hope you will visit us to see more about our farm here: Life on Southern Farm