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A Fall Morning in the Garden

Every now and then I am struck by the seasonal beauty of Cowlick Cottage Farm.  This morning I was up and out early with my camera and a cup of pumpkin spice coffee so that I could share some of the scenes with you.  The sun is just up and peeking through the mist.  Come on a stroll with me and enjoy!

Pecan grove

The pecan grove belongs to my neighbors, but we love its ancient rows of moss-covered trees, as well as the pecans that drop over the fence.

Jalepeno peppers add color.

The jalapeno peppers are still coming on strong.  They add beautiful fall color to the garden and the table.

Eggplant growing

It has been a wonderful season for eggplant, which does not mind our brutal heat and humidity.  The branches are still heavy with fruit.


The lettuce transplants are filling out, and we will snip a few leaves around the edges of each plant for a fall salad this evening.   I crave fall salads with goat cheese, dried cranberries, shallots, pecans and balsamic vinaigrette.

Spicy arugula

The spicy arugula sprouts up in just a few weeks and is ready to toss into fresh pasta or salad.  Arugula also adds a nice little kick to a sandwich or pizza.

Fall tomatoes

The late season tomato transplants show promise, and I would love to taste just one more sweet, juicy homegrown tomato before the really cold weather arrives.  Please?

Oak trees

The live oak trees grace the farm with their solid branches and ageless spirit.  I love this tree.

Ponderosa lemon tree buds

The Ponderosa lemon tree surprised me this morning with lots of new buds, a promise of juicy lemons in the spring.


Goldenrod adds its fall color around the edges of our property.  It also makes me sneeze.

Mexican sunflower bud

The Mexican Sunflowers are still budding.

Mexican sunflower blooming

They are adding a little bit of fiesta…to the compost pile, where they are wildly sprouting in a riot of color.


The native Beautybush can be found au naturel all over north Florida.  Their gorgeous berries signal the arrival of fall.

Fig tree with unripened fruit

Our fig tree is reaching its branches up to the sky and is still loaded with unripened fruit.  I am hoping for a great crop next year.

I hope you enjoyed our stroll through the garden. You are welcome to visit us any time at  Off to do some more fall planting!

carolyn binder
10/27/2010 7:57:17 AM

Hi Della: I'm so glad you enjoyed a morning stroll through the garden--I feel closer to God there than anywhere else on earth. Have a wonderful day. Carolyn

della sinnock_2
10/26/2010 9:19:14 AM

What a lovely morning stroll that must have been...thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!!! And the added treat of some nice coffee to accompany you, a sure reason to praise the One Who makes all things grow and bloom! God is SO good! :-) Della PS~~I do so hope you get to taste that last tomato of the year before the frost settles in.

carolyn binder
10/23/2010 12:15:44 PM

Hi Nebraska Dave: I'm glad that you enjoyed your stroll. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, too. We can garden here almost year round, so I will be planting today and tomorrow...onions and garlic! First, though, we are off do to a farm tour. Today we are visiting an Alpaca farm to stock up on gorgeous yarn and then the local winery, where I get fresh worm castings for the garden. I love farm tour weekend! Next year, Cowlick Cottage will be on the tour. I'm glad we have a whole year to get ready. Enjoy a wonderful fall weekend!

nebraska dave
10/23/2010 11:25:23 AM

@Carolyn that was an awesome stroll through the morning. We have nature trails that show off the Nebraska fall colors. I haven’t trolled down one in many years but I still remember how wonderfully colorful it was. This year with the warm days and the cool (35 degrees) nights it has been a perfect year for the fall colors. Since it hasn’t frosted and really hasn’t rained in about a month the fall colors are really hanging around with brilliant color for an extended length of time. After spring, fall is my favorite time of the year. This next week will mark the end of the gardening season for me and I will begin to tear down and put all the garden hoses and watering devices away for the winter months. One more yard leaf clean up will be in the schedule. After that the inside winter projects will begin. Have a great fall gardening day.

carolyn binder
10/21/2010 2:39:07 PM

Hi Robyn: I am loving my pumpkin spice coffee. It is just as good as it sounds! I will keep you posted on the garden. Are you planting this season? Thanks, Carolyn

carolyn binder
10/21/2010 2:36:56 PM

Hi Cindy: I am sure that Michigan has a glorious, but short fall. Being originally from New England, I still miss the stunning fall colors, but I have also come to appreciate the more muted, soft autumn tones we have in north Florida. I promise I will not blame the goldenrod anymore. That darned ragweed! You must try to meet up with a Live Oak. They really are an awesome and special tree, and they do seem to command respect, don't they? We have several on our property, and they are definitely one of the reasons we bought the farm! Thanks for your comments. Carolyn

robyn dolan
10/21/2010 2:08:46 PM

Pumpkin spice coffee! That sounds amazing - mmm. Love your pics. Let us hear how the fall garden turns out;)

cindy murphy
10/20/2010 2:54:44 PM

Hi, Carolyn. Such beauty you're surrounded by...and quite a different fall look than our autumn up in Michigan! We have had the most glorious fall here; peak color hit about a week or so ago, and it was oh-my-gosh beautiful. It passes by much too quickly though - my asters and begonias are still in full bloom, but some of the trees are already bare, and the goldenrod has given up its glory and turned brown. There's kind of an interesting fact about goldenrod - it's a myth that it causes hayfever. It bears heavy pollen, so if you get down and smell it, you're going to get a noseful. But the pollen is not windborne. Goldenrod is strictly pollinated by insects and its pollen is sticky; it's ragweed that blooms at the same time as goldenrod that's that culprit. It's pollen is airborne and flies around everywhere! I have a number of friends in the South - they always talk of live oaks with respect and admiration. I wish one day to meet up with one of these revered beauties. Yours looks awesome - I'd probably have a hard time leaving those chairs underneath. Enjoy your day. Cindy