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Enon Ohio Farmers Market

Connie Moore



farm market tomato/peach

Even though we grow our own vegetables, we enjoy supporting our local farmer’s market. Enon, Ohio is a little town, located west of Springfield, Ohio. Farmers from as far away as St. Paris, Ohio bring their fresh produce down to market, helping to support local family growers. It all lends itself to a community affair. Light conversation is always in the background. Neighbors meet by accident and sit for a few moments on one of the park benches.

Market-goers are, for the most part, a mild people. They are a patient, knowing that crops don’t always show up when we think they should be ready. Weather is the controlling factor. They say our area is in a mild drought, which is quite believable. Beans have been late, but sweet corn seems to be taking it all in stride. Tomatoes are doing fine. Flowers are also doing well.

flowers from market

Amid 90-degree heat and high humidity, vendors set up in bits of shade and under white awnings. A steady breeze is welcome even if it is hot air. No matter how hot, there are always smiles to greet us.


Early on, we purchased enough kale for the freezer. Broccoli and onions met a good dousing of ranch dressing. Fresh beets met with some butter for a sweet, crisp side dish. Large onions are fried with fresh cabbage for a German-style kielbasa skillet supper. A new item, Grey Griller F1 summer squash, sliced into thick planks and drizzled in olive oil is great on the grill beside the steaks. Small new potatoes are buttered, and fresh parsley chopped into the pan for a taste of winter’s favorite vegetable. Zucchini are small for supper dishes or large for frying and shredding to make that traditional quick bread.


Well, you get the idea. There’s an untold number of ways to fix summer’s bounty. If you have a local farmer’s market near you, by all means, visit it. You’ll find smiles, conversation, recipe ideas, and a whole lot of summer going on.