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Don’t Let Bugs Crash Your Summer Bash Follow these Tips from Black Flag® Brand

Black Flag Bug Control
When it comes to outdoor entertaining, few know how to crash a party better than flying insects. Whether it’s wasps, yellow jackets or flies, these uninvited guests not only make party-goers miserable, but the methods used to control and eliminate these pests tend to be ineffective or attract unwanted attention.

Fortunately, Black Flag® Brand, one of the nation’s first brands of insecticides, has developed the Black Flag™ Flying Insect Trap, a discreet solution for homeowners looking to enjoy their summer festivities without the worry of flying insect pests.

“We understand that homeowners work hard on their backyard and they want to fully enjoy it during the summer months,” says John Pailthorp, Division Vice President, Marketing. “The tastefully designed Black Flag Flying Insect Trap is the best way for homeowners to entertain in their backyard without attracting unwanted attention, yet effectively reducing the number of unwanted flying insects.”

Economical and versatile, the trap can be used with two different disposable lures, a Fly Lure and a Wasp & Yellow Jacket Lure. In addition to being both discreet and effective, the Black Flag Flying Insect Trap is also easy to use, durable and nontoxic, allowing homeowners to enjoy, entertain and relax on their deck or patio without the worry of flying insect pests.

To ensure insects don’t crash your summer bash, be sure to follow these tips from Black Flag® Brand.

Tips for keeping your party bug free: 

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