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You Can Have More by Having Less

You can have more by having less when you understand the time and effort that comes with building your homestead or farm.

Getting Started: Our Goal

Our goal is to grow nutrient dense food to eat and sell. We have been "practicing" now for about three years. While we have sized our greenhouse to be manageable by just a few people once it is completed, we still want to grow at a rate that is sustainable for us.


What do I mean by practice:

Test, test, test and evaluate.

Here is a photograph of our first small growing plot.

First small garden plot

As you can see, our first garden paid for itself. We are still growing at 7,000 feet while we look for land in higher country in Colorado.

We Purchased Land!

So together with our partner in this business, we were able to purchase land and pay cash. Forty acres at 9,000 feet elevation. It comes with a water well already in place and produces 7 gallons per minute of clean water! 

40 acres with a well

Trailer and digging the water line 

We install two smaller greenhouses for the first-year crop while we finish the larger greenhouse, using the Food4Wealth system of growing a garden.

2 small prototype greenhouses

We lease the empty house next door for the winter months and grow a "kitchen garden" in the old buffalo pen.

Kitchen Garden

Greenhouse ready to plant first raised bed

Greenhouse Roof and Door in place 

Now, we have the basic structure of the greenhouse completed as well as have one raised bed in place inside. There is room for many more plants, hanging, hydroponics and aquaponics systems to be installed also. We also have the following ready to be installed:

Time to Upsize Our Growing Plan

Now that our smaller steps have been proven successful, everything is paid for. We have also joined the local garden club as well as talked to local restaurants, stores and community centers about our Nutrient Dense Food business.

We have people ready to purchase our products as soon as they are ready!  

To Sum Up How We Have More by Having Less:

We still have to build a home on the property. We will continue to lease the land next door with a house to produce enough food for ourselves. This also offsets the cost of the lease.

Living in the house also gives us more time to design and plan the home we will eventually live in. We enjoy the journey, the challenges and the friendships and community we have become a part of while we build our sustainable homestead.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about living off the grid or growing a Food4Wealth garden, contact us!

Today is a good day.
Chris Downs