Woodworking Projects: Carving Wooden Spoons

Follow along our photo guide to carving wooden spoons out of a mulberry tree or similar woods.


With the right perspective, an unfortunate occurrence brings hand-crafted potential.

Photo by Penelope Nicholls

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Some time back, a storm brought down a large mulberry branch in my yard. I thought it a perfect chance to carve a nice treenware piece, and one of the first things I thought of was to carve the wood into a much-needed wooden scoop.

Check out the photographs and steps I followed to carve a beautiful and functional homemade woodcraft piece – no power tools needed!  

Born and raised in Chicago, Penelope has always had a love for the woods and Mother Nature’s happenings. She’s found carving wood with old-fashioned methods, using only hand tools, to be the most physically and mentally stimulating way for her to pursue a favorite pastime. The chainsaw is the only power tool she uses, in order to cut the logs into manageable pieces.