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Create a Children's Garden


If children are part of your backyard farm, (even if they're just visitors) creating a children's garden can welcome them and encourage them to explore their own small corner of earth.  Helping children take part in the work of producing their own food benefits everyone.  Gardening not only teaches children about the process of growing things, but also teaches compassion, hard work, and ignites the  curiosity.  Working alongside children in the garden makes the experience even more powerful and is an can be an integral part of backyard farming. 

When you begin to design a children's garden, remember that this space can be simply a traditional garden space where a child is the gardener, or an entire area dedicated to structures and children's related play and gardening.  Based on your space, your time, the age of your child, and you children's interest, you can design the garden space specifically to meet your needs.

A few Things to Remember 

Hadley in the Childrens Garden
A children's garden doesn't have to be just a plot of earth, and it can grow as the children grow.  Here are some ideas of what you can include in a children's garden:

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