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Cosse Violetta Pole Beans

Happy Thursday!  I'm continuing my list of favorite vegetable varieties today.  Yesterday's topic was the beautiful Calypso Bean, today we have another beautiful bean, the Cosse Violetta Pole Bean!  This is another variety that I ordered last year from 

Annie's Heirloom Seeds.   It produced a prolific crop of tasty, beautiful purple "green" beans. 

 Veggie Basket 

I'll admit that these beans were a lot of fun to grow.  For one thing, purple is my favorite color, so growing purple beans was ideal.  Also, although the stems are also purple, the beans were much easier to find and pick than a green bean up against a green background. 

In case you were wondering, sadly, the purple color fades when heated, so these beans look just like any other green bean when cooked.  In fact, I cooked them several times with actual "green" green beans, and you couldn't tell which were which on the table.  

 Bean Vines 

These beans were a joy to grow and were prolific to boot!  In fact, every time I thought they were finished producing, I would head out to pull them up and come back with a basket full of beans instead!  I fully intend to grow them again this year! 

So how does your family feel about vegetables that aren't the "normal" color?

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