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Birdhouse Gourds

 Birdhouse Gourds

If you’re looking to add a little fun and whimsy to your garden this year consider growing a few birdhouse gourds.  

Last year we grew about ten vines and were blessed with an abundance of fruit.  

 Green Birdhouse Gourds

Once they reached maturity and the vines began to wither and turn brown, we collected the gourds and placed them in the attic of our barn for the winter.

Over the past few months the lime green skin of the gourds has molded and shrunk away leaving a hard, weather proof exterior.  

Drilled Hole in Gourd

To turn the gourds into birdhouses, we simply drilled a hole in the large bulbus bottom using a hole cut drill bit. The interior has fibrous sections that can be pushed back if they happen to be blocking the entrance hole. You can leave the seeds, I’ve heard the birds will eat them as they clear space to make room for a nest.   

Two Gourds

Then we sanded any bits of dry, flaky skin to smooth the surface of the gourd.  

 Hole for Hanging

Then drilled a hole for hanging.  

 Gourd Stem

I left the bits of curly stem as added character.   


You can leave them as is, or seal with a stain or clear coat. They can even be painted.  

Applying Stain

I decided to use some stain we had lying around from an earlier project. I think it helped enhance the contrasting pattern of the gourd and almost gives it a pottery look.  

 Finished Gourd

Birdhouse gourds make wonderful presents to the gardener or bird lover in your life. I plan on giving one to my mom as a Mother’s Day present. 

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