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Big Stinky Fly Trap

Tractor icon How good is a product that has been around for almost 60 years? DARN GOOD!

Big Stinky Fly TrapBig Stinky is the first truly successful approach to fly control. Scientist – inventor Bill Brown developed the trap during the late 1940’s when many epidemics were widespread. His background in organic chemistry gave him the idea of taking advantage of the “sex scent” of female flies. A special fluid is mixed initially with raw fish or lean meat to get the action started. Flies are attracted to this ideal egg-laying formula, enter the one-way blackened duct and then become trapped inside the container. The female flies are encouraged to give off a sex scent which attracts the male flies. Both are digested with enzymes to provide a scent that is superlatively attractive to more female flies. The cycle is repeated.

The by-product makes an excellent fertilizer. Users find that buried flies they have caught make good fertilizer because they produce larger than normal flowering plants. The Wisconsin State Testing Laboratory has found that flies contain a significant quantity of nitrogen, potash and phosphorous. Just bury the flies six inches deep near the roots of slow-growing trees, shrubs or flowers and watch them grow! Who can resist buying the best flytrap in the world and saving money on valuable fertilizer at the same time!

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