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Another Taste of Spring

A photo of Nebraska DaveAnother taste of Spring. The temperature was up in the 60s.  The snow from Monday is all but gone.  It was so great to be outside in only a short sleeve shirt.  However, the threat of more snow in a couple days certainly will put a damper on any garden plans if indeed it does snow.  This year is so much more like what Nebraska weather is supposed to be.  Many were spoiled with the weather last year and were hopeful that it would continue to be warm and nice.  It isn't supposed to be warm and nice during the winter and transition months.

Temperture good for painting 


Yea, temperature is above 50 so let the painting begin.  It's really a nice day with little wind to cause any issues.  So a double coat of primer on the back of the panel and after a couple hours of drying, a flip over for the final coat of green paint on the front side of the panel.

Green panel and graffiti being painted  

As I've stated in previous posts my artistic talents are zip, nada, nil, zero.  So I'm bravely going where I've never been before.  With a clean slate before me, the graffiti painting begins.  The first up to be painted is the black stems for the flowers along the bottom of the panel.

Making a flower  

Ok, well lets back up a step.  Before the stem is painted the actual flower was drawn.  With the center point located for the flower and using one cut out petal, a marker was used to mark each petal around the center point.  Four such flowers will be across the bottom of the panel.

Flowers on the panel  

Here's what it looks like after one day of painting. The black outlines around the petals and the black center will be painted after the yellow flowers dry.  A lighter color of green will be used for grass across the bottom with longer blades of green plant material growing up from the grass.  Above the flowers part of the name, which is Terra, will be written on this panel.  This will be the most difficult of the graphics for me to do.  I don't just want block letters but a font called AR DECODE.  It's a fancy type of script lettering.
Cabbage Broccoli and tulips 

The cabbage and broccoli seedlings had another outing for about fours hours today.  I may have set them back a little.  I turned on the fan to stimulate strength in the stems.  Then the flu invaded my body and I was down for a day.  With the fan on and a neglected day of watering the soil dried out pretty dry.  After misting and bottom watering two quarts of water three hours apart, the soil pots were rehydrated.  It's hard to believe that only three days ago the tulips were buried under about 18 inched of snow.  They were buried that deep because the snow from the poor man's patio was piled there from the snow blower.  They don't seem much worse for wear.  

So that's it for this week.  Have a great week of gardening and being outside.  Yeah, I just love Spring, don't you?